Rachel Sisk


Abstract Art & Contemporary Art

Abstract and contemporary art for collectors who appreciate exploration, discovery, and nuance.

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Rachel earned a Bachelors in Studio Art from the University of Georgia. Her concentration was in Scientific Illustration; however, she made a conscious move to abstraction. Her work is still based on the scientific - cellular structures and natural forms.

Her artwork resides between faint recollections and definition - a place that is debatable. A shape possesses the character to be something specific to one person, and something completely different to another depending on the experiences they hold from their life. This encourage discourse - facilitating storytelling and a sense of community.


Rachel loves the outdoors – studying the intricate natural world from the smallest flowers to the largest trees and mountains.  Previously she owned and operated a tree care business - Global Tree Preservation - with her husband and Certified Arborist, Odis Sisk.  Much of her inspiration comes from these activities.

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